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Very ambient, indeed. There's some interesting use of the pads in the background - interestingly, they never really clash with anything, which is impressive, considering what chords are being made up in the background. Nice production values overall, too - no real empty spots in the soundscape or clipping, so nice work.

I really enjoy the drum work you have going at the end... but then it stops. I agree with Midimachine that it sounds like it's opening up to a new section, then it just dies. Would've loved to hear it go somewhere from there, but what you have is enjoyable for what it is, as well.

Hmm, very strange tuning fluctuations in the drums in the beginning. It's not inherently bad, I'm just not used to them. I notice you lose them after the beginning, which made me a little sad, strangely enough.

Solid drum beats - I like the set you're using for this. The trippy sounds are fun to listen to, as well, and you're using your panning space effectively. I really wish you didn't do a 6-minute variations track on the same four notes, though; while I like the space you set up, after a while I started skipping through the track, as I was just getting bored.

Production is pretty tight on this, just wish the arrangement moved a bit more. Not bad, though.

Reinteck responds:

Thanks for the review and helpful tips! I will definitely think about these things when I make future songs. Thanks for checking out my music!

I like the guitar playing, and the strings/harp are pretty good, too. I feel that the track meanders with the same chords too often with a song of this length - don't be afraid to break away from those chords, else the song gets too boring.

While there are breaks from the guitar action, I feel that the texture is too much of the same for too often. When you can drop the needle in multiple places in a song and not know where you are in a song at any point (due to the music sounding too similar) that means there's not enough texture variation to allow people to distinguish any movement in the song, so vary the soundscape a little bit

Otherwise, it's nice and relaxing.

Very nice arrangement. It's just a well crafted piece. I kind of wish you have a live performance - it's a little mechanical. It's not too bad, though - it still comes across quite well.

Awesome work.

BlazingDragon responds:

I know what you mean about the live performance. It sounds very quantized. My piano skills are improving though and I'll likely be playing more of my pieces in time. Thanks for the review!

Hmm... I think your sounds could be nice, but the mixing in this makes it very hard to hear anything over the bass. Bring out your melodies, make the textures more salient and raise the levels on this track, since as it stands it's not really possible to hear much of anything.

The issues are almost 100% mixing. I suggest fixing the mixing and the volume of the track (it's very, very quiet) and re-uploading, since I could see this being alright, otherwise.

SmashesCupcakes responds:

I agree with you I didn't really check it out after I exported it from Fl Studio. After I heard it I was like... crap. But as for now I can't re-upload it without making a completely new upload so It's stuck like this until further notice :/ Thanks for the review though! I'll take your advice and redo the mixing!

Huh, this actually evokes more 'Dragon Quest' for me. That's not a bad thing, really - Nobuo Uematsu was told to imitate THAT style in some form or another back in the day, so it has it's roots in Uematsu, somehow. Sounds like a DQ beginner's castle...

The triangle in this is a bit dominating, here. Bringing up the rectangle waves up a bit would be a good idea so the piece balances itself better.

Not bad at all.

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

when i made this, i knew absolutely NOTHING about famitracker, so I've improved a *little* bit in that time.

thanks for the advice though.

This isn't too bad, actually

The intro + outro are great, though they take a little more time from the track than they should. The vocals are quite good, for what they are - even the regular singing works when you can hear it (though as it's mixed, right now, for most of that section the guitars drown the vocals completely). The guitar work is heavy, chuggy and awesome.

I liked it quite a bit, overall. Rock on, man. \m/ ( -_- ) \m/

Ha, that was short, yet surprisingly catchy

It is unfortunately short, though. I think the odd harmonies you have going would've made for an interesting track, given that this track made something more out of them, but right now they just hit you in the face and it's over.

The production is quite nice, though, and the beat works well.

Squeezums responds:

yeah, i might finish it, lol i just made it for fun :P But thanks anyways brew :D

You seem like a nice guy and all...

... so let me give you a heads up and say that this material will get your audio account banned, if the audio mods find it. You cannot upload copyrighted material (like the Chronotrigger theme in the background, and likely the drumloop, though I can't say for sure) on Newgrounds, as it's against their policy.

You should delete it before your audio account get permanently removed.

DemonicDuo responds:

Its a REMIX. I sampled the Chrono Trigger Theme song and put my own drums in, obviously. Can you not read? Everything is made by me.

Very solid work

You're always fun to listen to, when I find your name pop up. It sounds like your experiment was a success, anyway - these instruments actually compliment your older synth design of heavier, deeper bass and little upper end. Of course, that means that this specific mix doesn't have much in terms of bass, but I think you know how to add enough bass in a mix already so I won't give it more than a passing mention.

Good stuff, here.

I've frequented this site for quite a few years, now, and support what you're all about. I can't draw worth anything (and my animating & programming skills are sub-par), but I'm a decent composer. If anyone needs something for a flash let me know.

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